White Knights House. Surrey.

Client: Private
Contract Value: £2.5 Million
Completed: July 2006

This alteration and refurbishment project radically changes the interior character of an existing 1912 manor house, while reinforcing the strongest elements of its original exterior, and rationalising facades that have become confused over the course of a century of accretative change. The project has involved a wide range of technical expertise, from traditional stone carving to high performance glazing and a state-of-the-art audio visual system.

New double-height spaces, the removal of internal walls and enlarged window openings bring light and openness to the previously dark, closed central spaces of the house. A series of new openings and a 2-storey glazed screen to the rear elevation give the key living spaces a more direct relationship with the garden, and bring order to the garden elevation. A complete overhaul of the fabric and services of the house have significantly improved energy performance and comfort, and provided a highly contemporary dwelling space for the client.

Externally the gardens, grounds and outbuildings of the house have been completely remodeled under a separate contract.