Sure Start and Community Centre. Tolladine

Client: Worcester City Council LEA
Contract Value: £475,000
Completed: June 2005

The project is a redevelopment of an existing 1930s church more recently used as a community centre and chapel. New facilities, including a Sure Start creche space for 26 children, youth venue, offices and flexible training spaces, are wrapped around the existing building to form a new identity for the centre focused around a new entrance and foyer with the original brick external wall as a backdrop.

Throughout the design process we worked closely with various established community and Church groups, and carried out extensive consultation with the users and the local public. This led towards proposals which involved the broader urban environment, in particular identifying previously redundant external spaces as possible additional playgrounds.

Budget constraints required inventive use of existing elements and precise targeting of funds supported by strict cost control throughout the design and construction stages. Through a detailed review of existing fabric we identified elements to be retained that offered a viable new use and reinforced the sense of history of the site, whilst removing elements that limited the site potential.