Saatchi & Saatchi European Headquarters

Client: Saatchi & Saatchi (Europe)
Contract Value: undisclosed
Completed: Phase 1 2004; Phase 2 2005; Phase 3 2006

These new offices for Saatchi and Saatchi Europe were commissioned to provide a space that promotes and reflects the creativity of the company. The brief was to create an open plan space that would reinvigorate the working relationship of the executives by encouraging discussion and interaction. The work to the space has happened over a number of phases, providing quick responses to a variety of challenges.

Phase 1:
An initial swift transformation removed translucent film from existing glazed enclosures to increase visibility and contact between executives. Coloured surfaces were used to accentuate the qualities of each space and create an instant and radical move away from the corporate white interior.

Phase 2:
The individual glazed offices were stripped away to create a single open space within which a 'landscape' of fragments were inserted to provide partial screening. Two intersecting glazed walls create a 'centre' to the space around which key executives work and communicate against a backdrop of translucent film which presents themes and imagery from current ads. The entrance to the floor was reconfigured to provide informal meeting spaces that were more conducive to the creative discussions held by the executives. We were also commissioned to provide all the graphics for the glazing and the entrance wall. We removed the division between the executives and Saatchi's 'brain' - ISite - to intensify activity within the space and to promote involvement of the executives closer to the day to day working of the company

Phase 3:
The most recent phase of work has been in response to the increased number of executives working in the space. We were asked to provide workspaces for two further executives through a reconfiguration of the existing floor plan. Two glass 'wraps' were designed to provide a minimum amount of separation.