Roman Road Urban Design Study

Client: LB Redbridge, Design for London
Contract value: N/A
Completed: June 2009

This project builds upon our interest in the regenerative potential of peripheral urban situations, particularly within the east of London. This project was won following our work in Poplar Riverside and builds on many of the themes related to overcoming the severance of the A12 in that area.

The Roman Road urban design and public realm study was commissioned by the London Borough of Redbridge and Design for London. The specific aim of the study is to maximise the potential for delivering high quality urban design and open space along a 4 km stretch of the High Road which runs along the route of the historic Roman Road which connected the City of London to Colchester. This stretch includes future new Crossrail stations at Ilford Hill, Seven Kings, Goodmayes and Chadwell Heath which will catalyse change to the station areas and beyond. The study looks at establishing a framework to manage change in ways which unlocks potential and focuses benefit for the local and wider communities. At the same it looks carefully at the character of the High Road and how environmental improvements can transform it from a vehicle dominated traffic route to a fully integrated and accessible local centre.

Our study ‘Improving the High Road’, addresses the negative characteristics, whilst building on the unique character of this vibrant and diverse High Road to allow the area to take full advantage of the unique moment in the transformation of East London and to continue to develop as a major high street serving surrounding communities.

A series of urban design guidelines are developed that will enable coherent and appropriate development of key sites along. These include:

- A development framework that addresses accessibility by proposing specific key connections, establishing heights and massing for a range of scales of new buildings

- A public realm framework that looks at landscape interventions and additions that will green the High Road and create a high quality public realm, a strategy for new materials and street furniture that will provide a unified and uncluttered steetscape

- A movement strategy