New House and Gallery. Portobello Road.

Client: Simon Finch Rare Books
Contract Value: £894,000
Completed: 2004

Degrees of privacy and social interaction inform all of our residential work. This new-build project on a brownfield site offered the opportunity to combine a gallery space with a private residence, in which the interior forms part of a continuous sequence from the street. The house provides a full spectrum of settings from the public spaces of the gallery to the most private interior bedrooms and rooftop terrace.

A calculated process of urban editing defined the new relationship of windows to interiors. The rhythm of openings to the street side continue the existing pattern of the terrace to extend the sense of 'urban room' as backdrop to the vibrant market. By manipulating internal volumes we found five new levels within the previous three storey fabric.

Borrowed landscape of captured views over the surrounding back gardens provide the counterpoint to the dense urban environment of the street market. Careful use of light and textured materials introduce strong natural characteristics into interiors otherwise denied these within tight urban situations.