New River Green Children\'s Centre

Client: LB Islington
Contract value: £720,000
Completed: 2008

New River Green Childrens Centre, Islington. A new addition to an existing nursery over 2 storeys maximises space within a restricted site and gives prominent new street identity to the centre.

The new building is an addition to an existing nursery accommodated within a single storey building set back from the road. It lacked prominence and identity within the local community to the extent that even the police couldn’t find it!

The new addition for a new crèche, training facilities, parents room, admin, consultation rooms and clinic gave the opportunity to establish a strong new identity for the centre at the heart of the community. The restricted site lead to a two storey solution which gave additional prominence supported by the highly coloured façade which relates to tree canopies on the site and presents an abstract ‘landscape’ within an otherwise neutral brick residential environment. This overt statement has succeeded in giving new life to a vital community facility, previously undervalued.