Kilburn Grange Sure Start.

Client: LB Camden
Contract Value: £960,900
Completed: September 2005

Kilburn Grange is named after the successful neighbourhood park opposite the site. The site was the derelict remnant of a Victorian school playground offered back to LB Camden as Section 106 when the school was converted to private apartments. Feasibility assessment of site analysis and brief development demonstrated that the pressure on the limited site area would restrict the scale of facility that could be offered to local families and severely reduce the available external space for outdoor play. We proposed an innovative approach to extend the site and add another floor to the building.

Consultation was extended to consider the potential to incorporate an adjacent open space within the site. Local support was demonstrated for developing this open space, which attracted anti-social uses and was considered redundant as it sits opposite the park. Planning permission was successful for the proposed extended site and enlarged Children's Centre. This innovative approach has delivered a greatly enhanced centre with a full range of facilities including sensory activity room and parents room; significantly increased outdoor play including a firstfloor roof deck; and a strong sense of local ownership.