New Town Quarter Masterplan. Hangzhou China.

Contract Value: £30 million
Competition winners 2002

We were winners of an international competition for the masterplan and design of an urban mixed use complex of 5000 dwellings and communal facilities (theatre, hotel, hospital, retail, sports) in Hangzhou, China. The residences were specifically for the retired and elderly with integrated care facilities.

We interpreted our proposal as having the potential to be the first quarter of a new town centre. Dense accommodation was placed around the perimeter of the site to leave landscaped block interiors to be used as public or semi-public parks and gardens. Three generic block types were developed to respond to the differences in existing landscape topography and natural settings - dense street blocks, medium dense courtyard blocks, slender landscape blocks within hillside bamboo forests.

We believe that it is essential to work at a range of scales in parallel, from the strategic to the detailed, in order to develop an environment that works both in terms of its infrastructure, its public and semi-public spaces and arrangement of interior spaces.