Representation and Communication

Through all our work we place particular emphasis on the methods of representation and communication as a means of developing ideas, and to support clear communication of the proposals at each stage of a project. We recognise the need for a wide range of tools to engage with the various groups involved in a project and are particularly concerned to tailor presentation methods to suit each circumstance, from one to one discussions to meetings, presentations, consultation events and formal submissions. From the outset we work with parallel methods including hand sketching supported by the three dimensional rigour and rendering capability of computers, 3D physical models and computer aided montages to describe the potential physical presence and experience of the proposed spaces. Whilst we value the benefits of computer aided design we are keen to promote physical exploration of all proposals through hand drawings and a range of model forms. We believe that this diverse approach to developing ideas fosters creativity and dialogue within the studio and ensures that everyone in the team can contribute at every stage.

Our success in communicating ideas to a wide range of audiences is demonstrated by the ease with which client groups of all ages and ethnic backgrounds have engaged with our work and been encouraged to collaborate in the development process. Our success rate in gaining planning permissions and completion of projects also shows the benefits of the care we take in presenting projects in a clear and lucid way.