Brookfield Primary School. Camden

Client: LB Camden
Contract Value: £150,000
Completed: Phase 1 September 2005

Triggered by the urgent issue of childrenís toilets that had exceeded their serviceable life, we developed a school-wide feasibility study to consider how such key infrastructural changes could support a more ambitious development plan for the next ten years. This comprehensive review of the existing three storey Victorian school, in consultation with children, staff and parents, revealed a range of opportunities to adapt the building to better support the needs of teaching. Despite the lack of external space, which precluded any built extension, we developed proposals that achieved both improved classroom adjacencies with dedicated year group facilities and liberated existing space for new use as much needed resource spaces.

A number of phased developments were identified and costed. The first phase of alterations for the youngest year groups was completed over the tight programme of the summer holiday closure 2005 to minimise disruption to the life of the school. Governors and teachers have described our work with the school as visionary and applauded our ability to successfully invent solutions and implement them within a strict budget and construction programme.